Energy Innovators

We are a global leader in individual

HVAC Energy Management solution.

Our technology enables us to manage 

global greenhouse gas emissions 

generated from buildings.

We believe Leaf will change not only the way of

energy use in HVAC but also our daily life.

The best way for 

Energy Savings in buildings

Leaf is a life-changing product that solves a major, everyday commercial problem that is occurring in almost every commercial building and store. There are huge amounts of money, energy, and time wasted from current commercial HVAC systems. With Leaf, managers and building owners will no longer have to worry or think about money and time drainings they had to previously deal with.

Our Mission

Make right temperature, Right energy

Our Vision

Better for Us, Better for Earth.


SeedN raises $500,000 'Pre-Series A' to expand into Proptech.

Published in 4.Aug.2021

SeedN signed a MOU with SK Telecom, ADT, Bitfinder(Awair).

Published in 30.Sep.2021